Getting to Grips with Restorative Practices

This site is aiming to help us along on our way to learn more about how restorative practices can be used in our lives. We are learning more and more that these practices and ideas can be brought into our work lives, family lives, our schools, our youth and community centres, where we play sports or dance or play, in fact right throughout our communities wherever we are interacting with each other. Research from around the world tells us that using restorative practices allows for better and stronger relationships, less conflict and more

We need to start somewhere to understand what these restorative practices are, how they can work for us and how can we communicate them within our community.

This is really the focus for this site. There is no one guidebook as to how we go about building restorative communities.

We want people to get involved, to ask questions, look for ideas and share how they are getting on.

Within the site, there are groups to join if you are interested in specific areas, such as coaching or youth work or volunteering. If the group doesn’t exist, you can set one up. If you come across something interesting, you can add a blog post to reach everyone.

The more ideas the better, so please think of the site as somewhere you can come to find new resources and ideas, as well as where you can ask questions, chat and share your stories.

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